Diet Tips – It LIVES Inside Of You Right Now.

by Andréa Albright  I’m taking a break to write to you from a retreat in the Redwoods forest outside of San Francisco, California.  Do you know about the Redwoods?…  These are some of the oldest, tallest trees in the world, and when you are with them, you feel grounded, peaceful, present … a new way of being alive.  And they have deep wisdom to share about how they’ve grown so tall for so long.  Here’s what I learned from them in a hike this morning.  Patience. Effort. Vision. I started thinking, when you combine these three forces, you get the BEST body of your life.  You make your “dream body” a reality, and your weight loss goal a wish come true.  Patience – is for knowing that you are on a journey, and as you travel along this journey, you cannot skip steps, and you will travel at your pace as you are ready.  Do not give up.  When you are impatient, you want to rush from one place to another, missing vital KEYS, learning and awareness that you need to sustain you and nourish you, and take you clearly across the finish line.  When you rush, you often make terrible mistakes that set you back even further.  There’s a great saying in Yoga, “Slower is faster.”  Meaning, the slower you go, the less likely you are going to make mistakes or have to repeat anything, or break down from injury.  Patience is the key to going slow, and enjoying every step along the journey.  Effort – without effort, you will never move from one point to another.  Make effort every day in your weight loss journey, some days, you will make a little, some days you will make more.  Just show up.  Do the work.  Make the effort to grow, to challenge yourself, and NEVER let an obstacle stop you.  No matter what, keep moving forward.  Find a way around, through, over, or underneath your obstacle …  Just as the Redwoods have found ways to grow up to the highest peak possible, reaching toward the light of the sun.  You are reaching to the light of your highest vision of your ideal, fat free body.  I know you can get there.  Vision – the path will be illuminated by your vision.  Where are you going?  What do you desire to create?  The clearer you have your vision of your fat free body, the more it will inspire and motivate you to keep going.  Believe that your vision is real.  I do.  I see you growing towards the light in the healthiest, leanest, fittest, most radiant body possible.  And with these 3 keys –  1.  Patience 2.  Effort 3.  Vision You will find that your natural weight loss journey of creating a fat free body becomes one of the most fulfilling adventures of your life.  Your growth path towards your greatest body, reaching toward the light of your highest Self, accepting every step without judgment …  And no matter what …  Never  Never  Give  UP!  Can you really make this happen?  Of course you can!  … Just ask the Redwoods.  From the beauty of nature, surrounding you and infusing you into every cell of your body and being …  I believe in you!  

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