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Psychology is the study of the mind and the effects emotions and beliefs have on human behavior. Only 10% of the population has a psychosis that would require psychological conseling, the other 90% of us need motivation and behavior modification. Our programs provide this.

Every thought and action is processed through the mind. When considering eating disorders and substance abuse, it is related to over consumption and we must keep in mind a few key factors pertaining to the principles of psychology, in considration of over indulgent vrs addictive behavior.

The body creates the signals of hunger. Hunger signals stem from a variety of psychological and physiological culprits within the Mind and Body. This is why it is important to take a Mind Body approach to weight loss and weight management. Think about this, no one wants to be overweight and everyone always seems to be on a diet. Why is it so hard to lose weight? We understand the dynamics and difficulties of achieving successful weight-loss through typical weight loss approaches that have proven time and time again to be ineffective. There are Hidden factors, not obviously visible to the human eye. Good Intentions and Will power alone will not ensure successful weight loss results, because “Will Power” is part of conscious thinking, but the Subconscious mind drives our behavior. Conscious thinking is important ant, but psychological triggers can override our good dieting intentions. In addition, some people may have a genetic addictive type, personality and may be addicted to foods, similar to a drug addict is addicted to their drug of choice.

If food is used as “substance abuse” it is suspected that this behavior should be classified as an Eating Disorder which should be treated by a licensed counselor. That is why we offer two levels to our weight loss program. Our Hospital version is called Platinum level patient care program that includes a multiple disciplinary approach with traditional psychological counseling. However, less than 10% of our population has a psychological condition that is considered a psychosis; the other 90% of us just need a little motivation. Our Gold level patient care program is based on “Positive Psychology” as taught at Harvard University” in combination with NLP Neuro-Linquistic Programming and hypno-therapy techniques, as taught at The Hypnosis Motivation institute,(the only accredidited school of hypnotherapy as approved by the American Hypnosis Association) therefore, our combination of one on one counseling techniques are unique and are a highly effective approach to motivational and advocational behavior modification. Our Hypno-hemispheric rebalancing technique reduces binge eating by stimulating the Amygdala regions of the brain while reconditioning the subconscious mind with the “power of hypno-suggestion” to adopt a mind-set that enables you to start living a healthy lifestyle from the very first visit. However, with today’s busy schedules, positive reinforcement is needed on a continual basis.

Patients/clients come to our center for a weekly behavior modification session in our “behavior modification bio-dome” using primordial sound and light therapies that are unique in the industry and powerful in combination, in addition,  all of our patients are given a Mind Body Weight Loss CD that is layered with 10,000 motivational and subliminal messages that can be used just prior to sleep, because the last thing we think of or meditate on at night is the first information that the brain processes and allows to slip through the filters of the subconscious mind.  Our programs were written by top professionals in these fields who specialize in treating eating behaviors and self-improvement programs. Our professionals have created behavior modification with cognitive coaching on healthy living with structured Mind Body programs that assist us in providing solutions to our individual patient’s needs and daily challenges.

How Do We Form Habits?

Have you ever wished you had a new brain? Researchers are making advances in the development of brain implants that knowledge can be uploaded into, like a computer software program… the technology will not be available until at least 20 years from now. Until then, we offer behavior modification plans made simple. These programs can be used as part of your in house lifestyle training program.

Until a real brain chip comes along… there are new and innovative mind body health programs that have been scientifically researched at major universites that are non-invasive as opposed to surgical implant devices which are based on neurolinguistics in combination with subliminal messaging and hemisperic brain integration techniques that are effective in enhancing speed learning…and yes, they are safe for children… check out these CD’s

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