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Mind Body Weight Loss is  for you if you are seeking to adopt a healthier lifestyle for both your body and mind. If you have tried dieting only to fail at your weight loss attempts, we have the solution for you. Are you ready to start on a path to a healthier you by shedding some of those extra pounds? It is easy to be tempted by promises of rapid weight loss that are held out by some weight loss programs, or offered as a result of diet pills, or other “miracle weight loss diets.” There are a few things you should know before you decide on how you will proceed.

First, understand that there is no miracle weight loss treatment. It is possible that if you adhere to a highly restricted or other fad diet, you may lose significant weight, however, most people gain the weight back after taking that approach. Many times, there are hidden culprits other than the diet alone. The problems are that crash dieting solutions are harmful to your body, because they deprive you of essential nutrients. These diets can cause bio-chemical imbalances, certain diet foods pay no regard to the delicate balance of the bodies chemistry and may even cause health problems, such as, heart disease, like the high protein diet fads have proven to cause. Some fad diets produce acids in the chemistry that cause the body to pull calcium from the organs such as the kidneys and cause weaker bones. An improper diet is often the number one cause of overall health that is worse through out life, that is why adopting a healthy diet as part of an active lifestyle is important. More imprtant, though, is the problem that if you make no changes to your normal life, as soon as you stop depriving yourself on the crash diet, you are very likely to return to your previous eating and exercise habits, which leads to an inevitable Yo-Yo phenomenon. Studies have demonstrated that people who are overweight and crash diet, then regain the weight are in much worse state of health than those who remain at their original overweight size. The soulution is not just diet and exercise, there is a mind factor involved. If the solution were diet and exercise, no one would be overweight/overfat. There are hidden factors and disruptors of balance within the Mind and Body. The Mind Body Weight Loss Program addresses these issues and provides an effective system to create balance in the Mind and Body. It’s not just a diet; it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle of implementing wellness techniques that restore balance in both mind and body.

  helpful products and materials that can help you restore balance to your mind and body so that you can achieve successful weight management results and good health for a lifetime.

Disclaimer: It is always reccomended that you see your doctor before begininning any diet or exercise program. Click on the tab for a list of our “network” of professional affiliates to locate a doctor near you or visit your primary care physician.

Melt the Fat Away

Today, the airwaves are bombarded by procedures that promise to make the fat go way. Laser, Liposuction, Lipodissolve, Lipozap and smart lipo are a few such procedures. So how is the consumer to decide which procedure is best for him/her?

A good place to start is to find out if the procedure being promoted or offered is approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A procedure must go through strict testing over long period of time before deemed safe and effective by FDA.

The more sophisticated consumer can perform a web search on a number of websites, such as, to read more about the procedures, side effects, effectiveness and etc.

There are also news articles in the media about these various procedures. For example, in a report titled “A Shot to Melt the Fat” printed in US News and World Report on June 18, 2007 it was discussed that procedures such as LipoZap and Lipodissolve have been found to be ineffective in removing the fat. Several patients have been quoted saying after undergoing several sessions of procedures, spending thousands of dollars and taking days off work, the results of lipodissolve and lipozap have been minimal and temporary, at best.

On a report titled ?Body of Evidence: Popular Laser Treatment to Remove Fat Draws Skepticism? printed in Wall Street Journal on March 8, 2008 it was discussed that Laser Liposuction is merely a marketing gimmick and offers no advantage over traditional tumescent liposuction.

Today, the most effective way to remove excessive fat is by a traditional, tumescent liposuction technique. As much as 5 liters of fat can be removed safely and permanently. The procedure is out patient and recovery includes a few days of rest and no strenuous activities at home.

Until further research and improved technology, Lipodissolve and LipoZap have not been found to be as effective as traditional liposuction, and are therefore not recommended without diet and lifestyle changes.

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