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Our treatment programs address the number one health conditions in America and range from Weight Loss & Weight Management, High Blood Pressure Reduction Program, High Cholesterol Reduction Program, Diabetes Prevention and Management Program, Other Mind Body Programs cater to all of the major health complaints of Americans, that target relief of symptoms and patient satisfaction. These programs include Exercise & Fitness Motivation, Energy Restoration and Enhancement, Anxiety & Stress Management, Chronic Pain Management, Chronic Fatigue Programs, Sleep Disorder Programs, Diet & Exercise Programs for all age groups, Nutrition and Healthy Meal Planning, Motivational Programs. The most successful traditional practices that are existing today have expanded upon their services to become multi-disciplinary. Mind Body Health Programs can help you do that with safe, medically supervised & legitimate natural treatment options for most conditions and diseases.

Mind Body Health Clubs are Green Living Facilities with Sustainable Features.
The average Mind Body Health Club building is priced at $2,500,000 for a start-up site. However, with aquisition financing, such as a pre-existing hospital. Please, contact us with the information request form listed below for investment opportunities and details.

We Are Dedicated to Your Success

“We welcome qualified professionals to join us in providing healthcare facilities that integrate health-improvement and promote wellness and seek professional aliances while offering doctors a system to provide 1) a means to produce steady streams of residual income. 2) community leadership providing valid integrative medicine and  valid wellness care 3) a noble effort to really help reduce obesity and its related diseases in our culture.”

Mind Body Health Practice Expansions has developed professional and individual health club web-sites for all 50 states and soon to be opened locations, increasing search engine presence, brand recognition and member leads. We are capturing new member leads for you before you even own exclusive rights to the territory.”

Exclusive Opportunities:It is a prefabricated design built with M-Rock materials for quick assembly. The thallaso pools are contracted and average build times vary between 3-5 months.

Diet Foods & Recipies

Selecting A Healthy Diet While dieting to lose weight, your body still need the daily recommended allowance of essential nutrients. In some cases, the body may need even more than what is the minimal daily recomended allowace of nutrients, however, to lose weight, you shouldn’t add extra quantities over standard portion sizes. Therefore, weight loss can be a “catch 22” between balancing calorie intake and calorie expenditure. Nutritional supplements, may help.

Today’s Dietary Guidelines differ than the  2000 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Still, we need a variety of healthy foods in balanced portion size. “A variety of natural foods will contain many different nutrients and other healthful substances. No single food can supply all the nutrients in the amounts you need”. We all have our favorite foods, but a variety of foods is what gives your body a variety of nutrients. The new food pyramid makes better sence, health wise. If you want more information about building a healthful diet, refer to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Guide Pyramid

and remember to eat a healthy variety of high energy, minamally processed, natural foods in small portions for good health and healthy weight management, as part of a healthy life-long lifestyle.

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