FINALLY, A weight loss and energy formula that really works!


And is:

Ephedra  Free

Does not make you feel jittery

All Natural

Safe, Fast, Effective

Only One A Day!

The days of  multiple pills, special diets, and disappointments in your weight loss struggles are order.  With Fix-A-Fat  you are using a revolutionary, safe product that WILL WORK.   

Simply take one capsule around 10:00 am , and you sure set for the day!  Not only will you feel renewed energy all day long, but you will start experiencing incredible weight loss right away without and lifestyle changes at all.

We have been in business of supplying only the best health supplements for over 5 years.  We guarantee your satisfaction, no questions asked.  If you are tired of excess weight, feeling bad about yourself, or not having the energy to do the things you want, click here right now.  One bottle at only $17.99 will last you an entire month.

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What can Fix-A-Fat do for me?  

Fix-A-Fat is a special blend of all-natural ingredients formulated to suppress the appetite, break down carbohydrates and increase the energy level, resulting in phenomenal, safe weight loss. Fix-A-Fat is ephedra free but is more powerful than most ephedra products.

Who should use Fix-A-Fat?

1. Anyone who has already been taking dietary supplements, and are not receiving the results they desire.  You may have an ineffective product or your body may just be immune.  Fix-A-Fat is the solution to the results you desire!

2. Anyone who is tired of being over weight and low on energy.  This is your solution to a more energetic day with easy, safe weight loss with out ephedra or feeling jittery!

More on Fix-A-Fat

You do not have to alter your current lifestyle or diet in anyway for Fix-A-Fat to work! Of course if you do, it will work that much faster and you will be even more healthy!  To see the ingredients in Fix-A-Fat click here.


If you have tried other diet plans, I bet you have hated having to take multiple pills at specific times a day. Fix-A-Fat, is a one a day weight loss solution.  No planning or trying to remember to take multiple capsules!

Even more incredible – Fix-A-Fat’s revolutionary formula is able to give you an energy boost all day long, not just for a few minutes or hour after you take it. 

Do you every get tired or feel like you are spent at a certain time each day?  Say around 3-4pm?  Fix-A-Fat will fix this for you.  This is the time of day when our energy is sapped, and we tend to reach for sugar and snacks to get us through,  Imagine being just as energetic at 4pm when you are getting off work or going to pick up the kids, as you are at 9:00 am!

Have the energy  to enjoy your day after work, and lose weight at the same time.

Fix-A-Fat helps you:

Lose Weight Feel Great Look Great

That is what Fix-A-Fat will do for you!

Order now backed by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee, and feel the power of renewed energy and weight loss today!


Bertha Baudoin from Milton, LA said ” I lost 35 pounds in 4 1/2 weeks from taking the Fix-A-Fat”.

UPDATE FROM DAVID HUDSON:  I have lost another 2 1/2 inches in my waist and 1 more inch in my chest.  I have gained so much energy that I now walk 4 1/2 miles everyday!!!   I have purchased a Total Gym and work out 30 minutes on it everyday.  The energy that I have gained from FIX-A-FAT makes this possible.  On January 28th, 2004 I weighed 390.3 lbs and I now weigh 348 lbs which is a total net loss of 42.3 lbs of weight however, I have lost 46 lbs of fat and gained 4 lbs of muscle.  The overall well being that I have gained was made possible by FIX-A-FAT, Extreme Colon Cleanser and Extreme Coral Calcium.  I am adamant about taking my coral calcium everyday after reading an article in Muscle Media explaining that 1000 mg of calcium everyday will increase fat loss by up to 39% and I have noticed this to be true since combining all of the products.  Through my own experience I have decided for the best possible results that these 3 products are the key!  Keep an eye out for future updates!

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