Diet Tips – Fastest way to get Abs

What is the fastest way to get Abs to show through?

I am sure that if you were up late one night because you couldn’t sleep, at one time or another you have ended up watching an infomercial about the latest “wonder” machine that was going to show the fastest way to get abs and “guarantee” you a flat, lean stomach in 30 days “or your money back”. They usually sound something amazing, like “THE AB-BLASTER”! Or “The FAT-FIGHTER”!

Chances are that if you are reading this, you probably ended up buying one – I know that on one particular alcohol-fuelled night, I did!afastest way to get abs – lies

And did it work? The short answer is, no. The longer answer is it didn’t have any effect on my stomach, gave me backache, took up a huge amount of space in my living room, cost me $300 and was a complete waste of time and money. What was worse, that particular horrible contraption killed my enthusiasm to find the fastest way to get Abs showing and did more harm to me than good. It was useless, as every single one of those machines are.

What the people selling this contraption didn’t tell me was the fastest way to get abs showing through, does not involve a single crunch or sit-up! Don’t believe me? Well it’s true. Go down the gym and ask your fitness instructor, or ask any GP, doctor or dietitian and they will tell you this fact….


If this is news to you, you are thinking right now – “If just changing your diet is the best way to get a six pack, why are so many companies selling AB machines or muscle supplements?”

The answer is quite simple – MONEY!!

Whilst it is true that some supplements used correctly will aid you in your goal to a flat stomach, most of these companies really do not care about your results, they only care about parting you with $100’s (and in some cases $1000’s) of your hard earned cash. And as for those models on TV proclaiming how they got their figures from whatever AB-blasting machine they are flogging, don’t be fooled, they’re LYING! If you actually finished watching the infomercial, which not many people managed, there was a tiny disclaimer at the bottom of the screen that read something like “Best results are to use with a calorie controlled diet”. That was their get out of jail free card, it was how they managed to get away with daylight robbery and basically lie to us for so long.

So, now you know the best way to get a six pack is by changing fastest way to get absyour diet and employ a cardio regime, what should you change to? What product gives the best information on how to slim down and the truth behind the fastest way to get Abs showing through?

We have reviewed 100′s of systems over the years and what we consider to be the top 3 are as follows:

Visual Impact for Women

Best for those of you who are serious about getting the svelt, feminine physique of a Hollywood star. Be warned though, it will take serious commitment but the results are astounding!

The Venus Factor

Top selling product of 2014. The buzz surrounding the product at the moment is huge however it is still quite new. Updated versions will no doubt iron out any flaws, which will all come free if you purchase now.

The Fat Loss Factor

Best for busy mums on a tight budget. It starts of with a 7 day detox though so be prepared to make some serious sacrifices in the first week.

We have tested all of these systems (there are in-depth reviews in the menu bar at the top of this page) and can assure you they all do what they say on the tin. All systems are less than $50 and have a 60 day, no questions asked money-back guarantee. With that in mind, what have you got to lose?

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