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It’s t3 week diet review manualhat time of year again. Summer is imminent and millions of women all over the globe are stressing over what they are going to look like in a bikini. For the majority of the last year this hasn’t really been an issue, however the summer holiday that was booked what seems like ages ago is now less than a month away. All over the world women are stressing out and searching for a fast way to lose weight. According to fitness expert Brian Flatt, he has the answer to all of their problems with his new system, The 3 Week Diet. So, does it work? Is it all that he proclaims it to be and is it the answer to millions of women’s prayers? Can you really lose 20lbs in just 3 weeks? In our experience, outlandish claims that look too good to be true usually are. So let’s take an in-depth look at it with our 3 Week Diet review and find out.

Author Brian Flatt is apparently a sports nutritionist, health coach and personal trainer. He has

helped thousands of people all over the world achieve their desired body shape  without the need for any harsh workouts. That sounds brilliant and he has an excellent track record then, however there is a stumbling block; Despite our best efforts, we cannot verify who he actually is!

We always try to verify who a person is whenever we review a diet and fitness program. The reason behind this is there are so many products on the internet that are written by people who have no clue what they are talking about. All they do is rewrite popular programs, give  false names and try to sell something without a care in the world as to whether it is of any quality – they just want your money. Not being able to verify who Brian Flatt is does not of course mean he is not real or that he is not an expert, however it is not a good start to our 3 Week Diet Review.

Upon purchase through the 100% secure Clickbank payment system via either PayPal or credit card, you instantly get The 3 Week diet System downloaded to your PC or device, so there is no 28 day waiting period for it to be delivered.

The system is split into these sections:

Introduction Manual (43 Pages)

Diet Manual (22 Pages)

Workout Manual (17 Pages)

Mindset and Motivational Manual (13 Pages)

As a gift to you, we have secured copies of the introduction manual for you to look at free of charge

At face value then, you don’t get a lot of product for your $47. Compared to Visual Impact for Women or Venus Factor, you get a hell of a lot less. There are no videos to accompany the system and with the introduction manual given away freely by us, you essentially are paying almost a dollar a page for the rest of it. Wow, the content needs to be pretty special to be worth that amount!

The program itself centres around creating a calorie defecit in order to lose weight as quickly as possible. The diet plan is a step-by-step guide explaining what you should be eating, how much you should be eating and when you should be eating it. Not exactly flexible then, altough we do concede that for a lot of people all they want to do is follow a plan, so this sort of system would be ideal for them.

Then the main book goes on to explain how to fool your body into thinking it is in starvation mode 24/7 and as a result you will be losing a pound of fat each day. The main reason Brian says he created this system to work so fast is the premise that the dieter must be able to see visual results quickly in order to continue with it. Wait just a minute – a pound of fat a day? That is a lot!

The exercise ebook is mainly focussed on using your own body weight and kettle ball exercises. The main benefit of this is you do not have to have access to a gym which will suit the majority of people in the market. The mindset and motivational manual is short and covers the basics of goal-setting exercises.

The 3 Week Diet Review – Benefits

Designed to lose weight quickly

Ideal if you are looking to lose an incredible amount of weight in a hurry.

Easy to Follow

Short and to-the-point, you won’t be reading for hours and hours or get bored reading it.

Nice Presentation

The graphics are easy on the eye and each chapter / ebook is well laid out.

Has a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked, if you want your money back within 60 days of purchase then you will get it – Clickbank will make sure of that.

The 3 Week Diet Review – Weaknesses

Who wrote it?

We cannot, even after emailing their support, verify that Brian Flatt is a real person or an expert in his field.

Not enough substance

There is just not enough information written in the package for the $47 price tag.

Recommends Suppliments

We hate this idea. You are basically starving yourself so need the suppliments to get the vitamins you require.

Lacking Customer Support

Never got a reply to our email. The Fat Loss Factor has a great support system for the same price, also FLF has a LOT more material.

No Testimonials from Professionals in the field

Although their website has plenty of testimonials from “happy” customers, there are zero mentions from experts that this system works. We did however, find this 3 Week Diet Review video from other “Honest Review Websites” out there while doing our research. Take a look and make your own mind up as to whether she is telling the truth or whether she is a paid actor: (ps, try not to laugh!)

The 3 Week Diet Review – Overall Thoughts

If you are looking for a quick fix to a long term problem and want to shed 20lbs of fat in 21 days, by all means download the 3 Week Diet and follow it to the letter. Who knows? In a months time you might well be rocking a great bikini-bod on your beach vacation. If not, get a refund and put it down to experience – in that aspect we guess you have nothing to lose.

If however, you are not fooled by something that is so obviously is full of false claims it is laughable, try one of the other systems we have reviewed which are well worth the money. The Venus Factor, Fat Loss Factor and our favourite, Visual Impact for Women, are all the same price, are all written by experts and are all ten times better than this pile of drivel.

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