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Lose weight fast, and feel great don’t we all just want to do that? However the big question is; how do we go about doing that. The first thing we always hear about are these strange things called detox diets. What the stated theory behind these is that your body over time builds up these “toxins” and can’t get rid of them. This causes you to become “toxic”. Some of the symptoms that can indicate your toxicity are:

Always Tired, Sluggish or Lethargic Feeling

Difficulty concentrating and paying attention

Seem to always have a cold

The list of possible signs of toxicity seem nearly limitless but above are just a couple of the major ones. Now the question is what do these symptoms have to do with weight loss and can a detox diet really help?

Well many detox diets advertise that using them you can lose lots of weight really quick and on top of that solve many of these tiredness issues and such that plague ninety percent of people it seems.

What Do Detox Diets Consist of?

The first thing that to understand about a detox diet or regimen is that theymust be used for short term only (usually 7-10 days). So because of the short nature of these diets they tend to be very intense as diets go.

The lists of do not’s for the various detox diets will greatly outweigh the list’s of do’s. What this means is that for the short time you are on the diet you diet is regulated to an extreme.

For example most diets require a strict menu of raw vegetables, fruit, fruit, juices, and water. However, you are supposed to avoid pretty much everything else that is processed or cooked, contain sugar and so forth. As you can imagine this list could be quite extensive when not regulated by generalities.

Also many different detox diets include the use of natural laxatives and similar products to help clean out your system. This alone can cause some discomfort aside from the restrictive diet.

Detox And Weightloss:

Now relying on a detox diet to help you achieve long lasting weight loss would be a huge mistake. For starters the average detox diet only lasts about a week maybe a little longer.

Also the fact that you are losing weight so quickly I mean some detox diets boast as much as a pound a day and more sometimes. To maintain that kind of weight loss for any length of time is just dangerous as well as the fact that as soon as you start eating food again you gain a lot of it right back. So preparation for a special event presents definite possibilities.

Also there are claims that a detox diet can help a person’s metabolism to better deal with the calories that you eat.

Do They Really Work?

This question really seems to be very dependent on who you ask. Looking on a few of different ask a doctor sites on the web most doctors are of the opinion that they really have no health benefits. In fact one doctor suggested the reported increased overall feeling of wellness was just a side-effect of the low low calorie intake that is a result of the restrictive diets.

However I was raised in a household where I was taught that just because “stupid” doctors couldn’t figure out why it worked or didn’t think it worked didn’t make their word law. So I have seen many things work that I have been told wouldn’t or that doctors couldn’t explain so I guess it is left up to you to figure out for yourself who you’re going to believe.

I personally feel that this whole detox idea really has merit as long as its not carried to extremes.

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